Our new Toothpick VIP Programme gives you 20% discount on all your private dental care for a year.


Why become a Toothpick VIP?

At Toothpick we operate the largest online booking network of dentists in the UK. We are now launching an affordably priced dental discount plan to help with the cost of private dental care.

You pay a low annual fee for access to dentists who have agreed to take bookings at discounted rates. You get unlimited usage for yourself or your entire family, and you can visit any dentist who is part of the plan.

The Toothpick VIP Programme is different from a traditional dental insurance plan, in that you’re eligible for the discount as soon as you sign up. The discount is applied directly to the cost you pay when you visit the dentist - no need for paperwork or claim forms.

Key Benefits:

  • 20% off any private dental treatment at participating dentists
  • Receive discount straight away
  • Pay as little as £16.95 per year
  • Get an individual or a family plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited usage
  • Pre-existing conditions are accepted
  • No paperwork or claim forms

Example Discounts:

Oral Exam - New Patient £40 without Plan £32 with Plan SAVE £8
Filling (Small) £60 without Plan £48 with Plan SAVE £12
Root Filling (Molar) £344 without Plan £275 with Plan SAVE £69
Teeth whitening - In Surgery £400 without Plan £320 with Plan SAVE £80


How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy. Click Sign Me Up and fill in your details. We will send you a membership number and the details of the plan via email, so that you can begin using your VIP discount straight away.

Receiving the Discount

To receive your discount you have to visit a dentist who has signed up to the VIP Programme. Simply choose a dentist displaying the discount badge and follow the steps to book an appointment. You will be able to enter your membership number to let us know you are one of our VIPs.

We will send your details through to the practice, and they will take payment for the discounted treatment once you’re in the practice.

Once you have signed up to the plan, the next time you log in to Toothpick you only have to enter your plan number at the booking page. The same applies to your +1 or household if you have purchased these plans.

Billing Options

You can choose between three billing options:

Individual £16.95/year
Individual + 1 £19.95/year
Household £22.95/year


Email info@toothpick.com, or click Help Help to chat with us.


How does the dentist know I have signed up to the dental discount programme?

The information you submit when signing up on Toothpick will be sent directly to the practice, ensuring that you pay the discounted price for your treatment. You will also be sent the Toothpick VIP e-card, which you can take with you to the dentist for your next appointment.

What dentists may I visit?

You can visit any dentist that displays the discount badge with their prices. Alternatively you can find out more by giving us a call on (+44) 2071911230.

How often can I use my Toothpick VIP discount?

You can use the discount as many times as you need to during the course of the plan (1 year). You can change den- tist at any time (as long as they are signed up to the plan), and family members can select their own dentist as well.

How do the payments come out?

The payments will be taken out by Careington Ltd, once you have completed the online application process.

Note: The Toothpick VIP Programme provides discounts for dental services at certain practices. The Programme does not make payments directly to the practitioner for dental services. Toothpick VIP Programme members are obligated to pay for all health care services and will be receiving a discount from those dental care practitioners who are contracted with Toothpick.