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Sunday, April 21, 2013

AnythingElse: I had experience with 2 of the dentists in this practise, both were poor practitioners, one worse than the other, but the other was extremely rude and abrupt. The first just whipped out teeth that could have been saved. This second one was not much better and then had the temerity, after my last visit, to report me for abuse, after I had commented to the staff on reception that I was not surprised they had abuse reports after the way I had just been treated. I received a letter from the management saying due to the dentist's report, they did not want me as a patient in the future. Well, I was furious and wrote back saying that I had no intention of being a patient of theirs ever again and giving my version of the events, with the reminder that there are always 2 sides to every story. Next, I received an apology from both management and from the dentist. The one from the dentist rang with insincerity. Obviously, I shall never return, even after their apologies, as their practise is awful in every way possible. The main impression was that because I was an NHS patient and not a private patient, I must expect shoddy treatment and shoddy dental technician work, e.g. "what do you expect?"... a lot better than they gave out!
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AnythingElse: First of all - I was booked a appointment on the 6th of march at 12 olock. Now having a 3 month old son and not being able to drive I got on the bus to my appointment. I got to the door and there's a note saying not open till 1.15 - but my appointment the receptionist booked me was at 12? After standing out side the front doors where all the staff could see me after a rude 10 minuet wait someone finnally opens the door saying my appointment had been cancelled! Absolutley furious!!! Then I said ok so how do u think you got in contact with me? They say they left me a message I've checked all my messages and believe me there's no messages! I think its appauling the way they treated me just rude not even a sorry was given! And don't you think the receptionist should of know there was training on that day? Or even better contacted me again!!! Or emailed me! So they know it had defintly got to me! Never liked the way the dentist is so rough in there anyway.
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AnythingElse: I decided to visit ADP to discuss my next appoitment as I have been trying to contact them all moring without luck and they have a note on door saying 'we are in training untill 1:15'... what about putting some note on web or helpline instead of waisting my time ;(
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AnythingElse: I have recently registered with the dental practice and to be honest I was never fond of dentist and can never find one that made me feel comfortable like this one one did.They were very detail on explaining what they were doing with a careful touch to my teeth. The staff that works at the front desk was great with explaining everything to me . The dentist's outstanding professionalism and customer care put my mind at ease and I would highly recommend them to everybody. Awesome staff and an awesome Dr are here for you. My teeth have found a new caretaker and it's this dentist. Thanks for taking care of me!
Friday, February 22, 2013

AnythingElse: I've been putting off going to the dentist for a while now. Half of my molar tooth has been missing and causing me pain for a while, but I was too scared to go to the dentist. It was finally giving me soooo much pain that I had to give up and go to the dentist. I registered last week. I was given an appointment quickly and was only waiting 5mins past my appointment time to be seen. The appointment itself was swift and I was given an X-Ray and told my options. Initially I was due to have root canal surgery however, when I came for my next appointment (which I was 5mins late for!) I was advised that it would be best to extract. I decided to have it it extracted after the information was explained to me about implications etc. The dentist was very good, talked me through everything and calmed me down. The dental assistant was nice too, although they talked quite a lot to the dentist about their previous work and it was difficult for me to meditate and to try to forget what was happening to my mouth. They used the words 'gouge' and 'root around' which made me feel quite uncomfortable. I think the dentist sensed this and the conversation soon halted. Overall the actual service was swift, polite and good. My tooth was removed with minimal pain or discomfort. I no longer have a constant headache and I was told how to deal with my missing tooth/hole to ensue proper care and healing. All I would suggest is that the dental assistant possibly uses a better choice of wording when describing what is going on so that nervous patients can relax a bit more. All in all...I would really recommend this dentist.
Friday, February 15, 2013

AnythingElse: After seeing two different Dentist i found them to be unhelpful with dealing with NHS patients i found if you were paying you were treated with respect and spoken to like a human being but if you were a NHS patient you were looked down upon and only received the bare minimum of treatment.
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AnythingElse: I would like to thank the team at the Old Market branch who repeatedly provide excellent service. I have had various issues with my teeth in the past year and they have provided a high level of support. Many thanks especially to my dentist who is friendly and professional unlike previous dentists I have used in the past.
Friday, January 25, 2013

AnythingElse: I was given an initial appointment for only a week after walking into the dentist for the first time, so far so good. I was charged £48 in advance. I had explained that I had a loose filling. On the day of my appointment I waited for half an hour past the due time. The appointment lasted all of five min. I got a half hearted descale and was told that I’m suffering from advanced periodontitis so need a deep clean, plus an xray so as to keep track of my periodontitis. I was asked to make another appointment for the clean and filling replacement and xray as not enough time had been allotted for this appointment.. On leaving I was charged another £48 for my next appointment. At the next appointment the filling was replaced but no cleaning done or xray. I asked about the xray and was told I could have one if I wanted! I said that I didn’t want my head eradiated if there was no need and only enquired because they had said that I needed one on my previous appointment, to which they shrugged their shoulders. Again I was there all of five min. That however wasn’t the last time I saw them that day. Once the anaesthetic had worn off I soon realised that the filling had been left so high that none of my other teeth were even close to coming together. I called and was told that if I came back it that afternoon they would sort the problem. Whilst there I pointed out that not only had the filling been done badly but I didn’t get my deep clean, I was told that I did! And that I’m not qualified to tell them what they did or didn’t do! I pointed out that it was my mouth, I think I would have noticed if anything more than a filling was done. Plus that after two appointments I still have nicotine stains despite having given up smoking. I was told that cleaning wasn’t their job, I would need to make an appointment with a hygienist. I’ll never go there again.
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Liked: The practise was clean. I have never had to wait more than ten minutes on any of my appointments and the dentist was very reassuring and professional. After all the negative comments I have read about this practise I was really surprised that I have had one of the most positive experiences with a dentist in the past at least ten years. Reception staff were nice too (not a hint of the usual face pulling, etc). The dentist remained patient even when I had a question during the treatment! Overall, very positive experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Improved: My wisdom tooth was removed and I wasn't told about how the next day I should just stay at home and recover. I went to work and had to return home after two and a half hours as the pain was unbearable. It would be nice to get one of those leaflets the NHS love giving out to patients.
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liked: The surgery looked clean enough and the equipment seemed modern. I had a small filling recently and this has not had any problems, so I can't question the technical competence of the dentist.
Improved: They offer a poor quality service as fast as possible to ensure they can fit as many units as possible into a day. On my last two visits I have been made to wait over 40 minutes for an appointment, but then been rushed through in under 3 minutes (presumably to make up some of the lost time). Dentists rarely give cleaning but constantly try to upsell services of a hygienist. Again, I believe they want to offer as little service as possible within the time available. The desk staff and rude and unhelpful. Although dentistry is considered less of a caring profession than medical nursing, some compassion for your patients wouldn't hurt. Lastly, when I was required to have a small filling, I was not told anything about the procedure to be followed, equipment used, or what i was required to do. I wasn't expecting anything detailed, but i would be nice to know what is happening to my own teeth and be able to make an informed choice. It felt like a visit to vet rather than a dentist!
AnythingElse: I am looking at going private and visiting the dentist over the road from ADP. Also, if i felt it would make a difference I would consider complaining to the local PCT (or whatever is appropriate for dental work).
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liked: I was able to get an appointment booked within a week of my first visit
Improved: Service Quality and practice etiquette
AnythingElse: I had my first visit which was scheduled for 15 mins. Aside other things that I felt didn't quite stack up with this practice; I was not pleased with the quality of service offered. For a first visit, I would expect the dentist to go through my medical history form with me (which I had filled at the reception just before going into the consultation room). For example, I left some questions blank because I wanted to discuss them more with the Dentist so as not to fill a wrong answer. Immediately I got into the Dentist’s room, the form was collected and just passed to the nurse and I was made to sit on the Dentist’s chair. Till I left the room, I am not sure that the form was read. Another issue I had was that the dentist just asked me to open my mouth and because I have a broken tooth (in front), immediately told me I’ll need a filling. The dentist spent another 30secs looking into my mouth and that was it! I feel this is a very poor service. It’s just like a case of a man that limps walking into a GP’s office and the first and only thing the doctor says is that you will have to see the Orthopaedic doctor! I would have expected the dentist to even ask simple questions like -1. Why have you come to the dentist? 2. Do you have dental concerns? 3. What is your dental history? 4. What is your assessment of your dental hygiene? These are standard questions I hear from Dentists abroad. Unfortunately, the Dentist practically chased me out after 5mins without knowing why I came. The dentist actually told me what they felt was wrong with me, which to me, was the least of my problems. So now I am still looking for a dentist that is willing to listen.