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ADP Dental Company Ltd

Appleby Health Centre, Riverside Buildings, Appleby, Cumbria, CA16 6QR


Saturday, June 15, 2013

AnythingElse: I have been attending this practice since it opened in 2006, i understand that dentists change but what distressed my family and myself more was that all the nurse and reception staff seem to have gone too, our visits have not been the same over the last few months. I attended the practice on 2.5.13 and to my surprise all the old team were in situ including one of the old dentists he had also returned. We are absolutely delighted to see those happy smiley faces again. Every member of the practice were polite and helpful and after considering a move to a private practice we will now be staying.
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AnythingElse: I had a problem as I have a broken tooth but when I asked the Dental Practice about deterioration they said they couldn’t offer an opinion until they see me, but they couldn’t see me for a month. I feel that I should have been offered an appointment sooner as this is an emergency.
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AnythingElse: Appointments are always late, normally by at least 30 mins. You have to normally wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment even if the problem is very bad. The teeth 'cleaning' is appalling it's almost as if they can't be bothered. But don't worry you never see the same dentist twice! I wish private was more affordable!
Monday, February 11, 2013

AnythingElse: I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Appleby. Having arrived at the surgery for an extraction I was very nervous - terrified to be honest. I needn't have worried, both my dentist and their dental assistant were brilliant, they re-assured me and made me as comfortable as possible before, during and after the proceedure. Thank you for looking after me so well.
Saturday, March 17, 2012

Liked: After reading so many negative reviews I feel as I need to express my opinion. The team at Appleby on my first visit with my daughter were very welcoming. the dentist we saw was accomodating and gave us so much information about my daughters ongoing problem. we felt at ease and can only say I would recomend this practice and not hesitate to recomend the practice. Well done ADP Appleby !!
Saturday, January 14, 2012

AnythingElse: After my last experience, I will not return and have now found a new, caring, thoughtful dentist. Although the new dentist is with Denplan, I think it is like everything else, you get what you pay for. I have been left with several problems which could have been prevented had I received proper care and attention earlier from ADP. They are not interested in preventative care & seem to prefer to remove teeth rather than take action to preserve them. I was left very distressed after my last visit and was told 'they didn't have time for patient care' as they have so many appointments to get through. If you are an anxious patient, then they are to be avoided.
Thursday, August 4, 2011

Improved: Having used this practice for many years since it was taken over by adp dental i feel the service has gone down the hill never see the same denist from one visit to the next.when going for a check up dont expect to sit in the chair for more than a minute as they a super fast just put mirror in your mouth then say everythink is ok
AnythingElse: When going for a checkup they should actually check them
Thursday, June 23, 2011

Liked: I was very impressed with the level of service. The practice was clean ad tidy and I was made ro feel at ease from the minute I walked throught the door. I am extremely nervous so visiting the dentist is a huge issue for me. I had 3 fillings, the dentist and nurse reassured me throughout my appointment and they were very proffesional. The only thing I am confused about is the nhs pricing system, however this was explained to me at reception and I was given a leaflet. I will not be as nervous at my next visit.
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liked: I attended this practice as a new patient recently, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the practice. The staff were friendly at all times and were very helpful towards my disabled wife. The management were very helpful in escorting my wife down the stairs as the lift wasn't working, we were very grateful. its not often that people are so helpful. The dentist that I saw was wonderful and made me feel very at ease as I am very nervous and i will not hesitate to come back for the rest of my treatrment,
Improved: The lift should be fixed but this apparently is down to the health centre management and is in hand.
Monday, April 4, 2011

Improved: I have used this practise for a number of years and have been on the whole satisfied with my treatment. How ever today I was seen by another dentist who I found to be uncommunicative and surly. I had no problem with the way my check up was conducted but when I asked for advice on other matters that I encountered in my mouth from time to time they did not seem to care and offered no advice at all. When I asked about medication that I had been prescribed by the practice in the past they informed me that they were not known to them. I asked if they could suggest anything to alleviate my problem and they said that they could not. They did not offer me any help with my problem and when I told them that they were the dentist they replied that they were not God!
Friday, March 4, 2011

Liked: After hearing very bad reports about the amount of locums this practice has had working here, I was pleased to find a very friendly team and lovely dentists, my partner and I saw differnet dentists and both were fantastic. The team were friendly and I felt at ease.
Improved: The person downstairs shouting at us for using the wrong staircase, does it matter? They were very rude and abrupt, I understand that they have nothing to do with ADP and are infact the management of the health centre downstairs.