The single largest component to the rising cost of healthcare is lifestyle related illness, coupled with an ageing population. The budget to manage this rising cost is unlikely to be met, making it increasingly important for future generations to prevent illness by making the right health and wellbeing decisions.

Healthy Access is a project by Toothpick.com, the UK’s leading book-a-dentist website, providing a gauge on the relative ease of living a healthy life in different parts of England. We launched the project with the knowledge that prevention is key to solving our future health crisis, and that individuals making the right health decisions depends on the right services being available.

The score is calculated by combining multiple sources of open data at local authority level. It will be updated as and when new data is available, with additional data points added in discussion with our partners and audience.

The project’s aim is to provide a simple to use platform where local citizens can comment, reflect and influence decision makers in order to make sure that their local area offers the right provisions to stay healthy.

Become a Partner

We want to hear from like minded organisations and communities that can work with us to improve and develop Healthy Access. If you can suggest or provide data, want to become a listed and accredited partner of Healthy Access or just want to help us promote the project, please get in touch.

We are currently looking for partners within:

  • GP Score
  • Walking Score
  • Greenspace Score
  • Cycling Score

To become a partner, or for more information about the project, contact info@toothpick.com.

Healthy Access was developed by:

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