Healthy Access

Healthy Access is a scoring system developed by, showing how easy it is to be healthy in different parts of England. Unlike other scores that show disease rates, life expectancy and other health outcomes, the score measures access and quality of services that allow you to stay healthy.

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Local Voices

Does the score reflect what you think about your location? Know a great cycle path or walking trail? Start a discussion by posting a comment, and rating your location.

We welcome suggestions for more data to include, and want to hear from like minded organisations and communities that want to work with us to improve and develop Healthy Access.


Get the code for your local score and display it anywhere on your website.

You can publish a single data point or the combined score. For example, if you run a local authority website you can display the Overall Score - and if you have a cycling website you can display only the Cycling Score.

For help with this feature, contact

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