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Bedford Hospital

Kempston Road, Bedford, MK42 9DJ (0.85 miles)
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Chrysalis Dental Practice

344 Goldington Road, Bedford, Beds, MK41 9NS (1.92 miles)
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Kempston Dental Clinic

Halsey Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 8AU (2.05 miles)
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De-ientes Clapham

60 High Street, Clapham, Bedford., MK41 6DN (2.48 miles)
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A modern and diverse dental practice offering a wide range of dental and beauty treatments. Our state of the art surgeries are equipped to the highest standard allowing us to provide top quality care for all our patients.

Private Examinations

£ 63.00


Bedford Dental Practice

Honeysuckle Way, Riverfield Drive, Bedford, MK41 0TE (2.82 miles)
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Bedford Dental Practice has been established for over 15 years and has built up a reputation of high quality dentistry in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Whatever the level of treatment, whether wanting a new smile or simply caring for your existing smile, you will receive the best in care and treatment possible. We make a commitment to invest in ourselves through continuing professional development but also our practice using the latest materials and techniques to achieve the high quality dentistry you deserve.


ADP Goldington

147a Church Lane, Bedford, Beds, MK41 0PW (2.86 miles)
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Munro-Hall Clinic

4 Rushey Ford Rural Business Park, West End Road, Kempston Rural, Bedford, MK43 8RU (5.09 miles)
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Our practice is dedicated to a holistic approach to dentistry. Medical research has long established the crucial link between dental health and physical well-being. By getting to know you and your needs, we can create an individual treatment plan for your dental health and aesthetics.We will look at your general state of health, how it is affected by your dental status, nutrition and lifestyle and will suggest ways to improve which go beyond traditional dentistry. We are a mercury-free and metal-free practice aiming to apply natural materials and gentle, holistic treatment techniques.We believe in quality over quantity, taking our time and getting it right. We aim to build a relationship of mutual trust with our patients and emphasise courteous and caring treatment. We will discuss and explain every step of the treatment plan with you and confirm it in writing.


If you are in severe pain and can't find a short notice appointment, call 111 in England for emergency support, or NHS 24 if you're in Scotland.

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About dentists in Bedford, Bedfordshire

The results above shows dentists within a 10 mile radius of Bedford, Bedfordshire, listing both NHS and private appointments. Unlike with GPs, you are free to go to any dentist without needing to register – even if you are registered with a dentist already.

About Private and NHS dentists
NHS dentists only perform treatments that ensure your teeth and gums are healthy (cosmetic treatments are excluded). The most common treatments include check-ups, fillings, crowns and dentures. Some dentists may not take on new NHS patients all year round.

NHS treatments in England fall into three price bands (currently £18.80, £51.30 or £222.50). You may be eligible for free NHS treatment if you are pregnant, on certain benefits, or if you are under 18 and in fulltime education. More information about what’s included in England’s NHS pricing is available here. Please note that NHS pricing for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is different.

Private dentists typically offer the full list of dental treatments, from fillings and crowns to teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Many people choose to go a private dentist due to the wide range of treatments and because the dentist can often spend longer with each patient. You can expect to pay from £45 for an examination, higher in central urban areas. Most dentists offer payment plans and other financing options to help you spread the cost of a treatment over several months.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you can go to either a private or an NHS dentist. The most common dental emergency conditions include broken tooth, wisdom tooth pain and dental abscesses. If you are experiencing a dental emergency and cannot find a dentist that suits your needs, you should call 111 for further advice.

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