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  • Automatically collect patient feedback for CQC compliance
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WHAT IS TOOTHPICK? is a dentist finder website where you can pay to list your available appointments. Patients can find your listing and book a live appointment, whilst you retain full control of your diary.


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“I feel confident in the knowledge that when I am away from the practice, my business is still growing…”
- Private practice in London - Dr Tehranian
GDC: 81569

“For NHS practices this is a no-brainer, and it's reassuring that a dentist is behind the product.”
- NHS practice in Manchester - Dr Ben Atkins
GDC: 74706

“We're always attracting new patients. Toothpick has certainly helped - it's is an easy and transparent service, and you have active support along the way.”
- NHS practice in Wolverhampton - Dr Kanwar Ratra
GDC: 76329

“We needed to advertise to build up our new practice, and very soon after joining Toothpick we had a solid patient list.”
- Mixed practice in Oxford - Dr Mike Cooper
GDC: 65332