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  • Very professional dentist who assessed my teeth thoroughly, with the minimum of fuss and explained my options clearly. Would highly recommend. Guy Ormes

    Verified patient
  • I found Dr Patel very kind and caring and he kept asking if I was ok. His nurse was also very nice. I found the whole experience very positive.

    Verified patient
  • We were running late due to school event and we expected to have to rearrange our appointment but found the practice so helpful and they fitted us in and also did not rush and were very good at speaking to Millie and explaining everything that was happening almost makes going to the dentist a pleasure!

    Verified patient
  • Very professional dentist and very patient and understanding with those that are nervous.

    Verified patient
  • Nobody likes going to the dentist, but this dentist was the best experience I have had. Very friendly and made me feel relaxed.10/10

    Verified patient
  • My friends are attending this clinic.

    Verified patient
  • Everything was excellent, though I feel it is overpriced.

    Verified patient
  • Nurses and dentist very friendly and patient with my children. Very nice practice

    Verified patient
  • Friendly and knowledgable

    Verified patient
  • great !!

    Verified patient
  • I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my appointment.

    Verified patient
  • Great to have this online booking system. Staff were great.

    Verified patient
  • excellent service very polite clean.

    Verified patient
  • excellent service

    Verified patient
  • NOT like a visit to the dentist! Lol

    Verified patient
  • I was very impressed for the service they gave.

    Verified patient
  • Very friendly, explained everything he was doing, not at all like the old school dentists that instilled fear in me!

    Verified patient
  • This was my first visit to this surgery and I found the staff very helpful and friendly. I saw Dr Sagar Patel who took the time to listen to my concerns, I had a check up and clean which I found him to be very gentle and considerate. I did not have any treatment as the pain in my gums was related to a virus not my teeth. I would most certainly recommend this dentist and I have booked my next check up.

    Verified patient
  • Very good friendly service

    Verified patient
  • Everything was amazing! Nice people, very clean clinic

    Verified patient
    Examination / Full Check up
  • Very impressed :-)

    Verified patient
    Examination / Full Check up

Services & Fees

Covered services

Private practice


NHS fees

  • Examination / Check up £18.50
  • X ray included with check up
  • Basic Hygiene treatment included with check up
  • Fillings £50.50
  • Tooth removal £50.50

There are 3 fixed prices for all NHS treatment. It is important to note that these may change in April 2015.

Band 1 dental treatment: £18.50

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover:

  • a clinical examination, assessment and report
  • an orthodontic assessment and report
  • advice, diagnosing and planning your treatment
  • X-rays
  • moulds (casts) of your teeth, for example, to see how your teeth bite together
  • taking coloured photographs
  • advice on preventing future problems, such as diet advice and cleaning instructions
  • applying sealants or fluoride preparations to the surfaces of your teeth
  • a scale and polish
  • marginal correction of fillings
  • taking a sample of cells or tissue from your mouth to examine (pathological examination)
  • adjusting dentures (false teeth) or orthodontic appliances, such as braces
  • treating sensitive cementum (the tissue that covers the root of a tooth)

Urgent treatment when you need to see a dentist immediately also costs £18.00.

Band 2 dental treatment: £50.50

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in band 1 above, plus:

  • non-surgical treatment of periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease) - such as root planing (cleaning bacteria from the roots of your teeth) or deep scaling and a polish
  • surgical treatment of periodontitis: such as removing some gum tissue (gingivectomy)
  • free gingival grafts: when healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth is grafted (attached) to your teeth where the root is exposed
  • fillings
  • sealant restorations: when sealant is used to fill a small hole and seal any grooves in your teeth
  • root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • pulpotomy: removing dental pulp (the soft tissue at the centre of a tooth)
  • apicectomy: removing the tip of the root of a tooth
  • transplanting teeth
  • removing teeth (extraction)
  • oral surgery, such as removing a cyst (fluid-filled sac)
  • soft tissue surgery to the mouth or lips
  • frenectomy, frenoplasty or frenotomy: surgery to the folds of tissue that connect your tongue, lips and cheeks to your jaw bone
  • relining and rebasing dentures
  • adding to your dentures, such as adding a clasp or a tooth
  • splinting loose teeth, for example, after an accident or due to periodontitis - this doesn’t include laboratory made splints
  • bite-raising appliances (similar to a mouth guard), for example, to correct your jaw alignment - this doesn’t include laboratory made appliances

Band 3 dental treatment: £219.00

Depending on what’s necessary, this can cover everything listed in bands 1 and 2 above, plus:

  • veneers and palatal veneers: new surfaces for the front or back of a tooth
  • inlays, pinlays and onlays: used to restore damaged teeth
  • crowns: a type of cap that completely covers your real tooth
  • bridges: a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth
  • dentures
  • orthodontic treatment and appliances: such as braces
  • other custom-made applications, not including sports guards

Treatments such as veneers and braces are only available on the NHS if there’s a clinical need for them (not for cosmetic reasons).

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Meet the team

  • Dr  Sagar  Patel

    Dr Sagar Patel

    General Dental Practitioner
  • Ms Sue Hasler

    Ms Sue Hasler

    Practice manager
  • Miss Amber Welham

    Miss Amber Welham

    Dental Nurse
  • Miss Zoe Hookham

    Miss Zoe Hookham

    Dental Nurse
  • Mrs Karen Warren

    Mrs Karen Warren

  • Miss Molly Armiger

    Miss Molly Armiger

    Dental Nurse