Booking thousands of new patients every week , over 40% outside office hours

How does it work?

New patient

In less than 1 minute!

Toothpick won't...

  • ...extract patient information from your computer
  • ...create fake bookings(we verify every new patient is real)
  • ...let you lose control of the diary
  • ...ask for long term commitments
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Business impact

80% of new patients are searching for dental services on Google

Ensure that your available appointments are visible to over 9 Million dental related searches on Google each month

Thousands of frustrated patients are waiting on the phone

Toothpick called 1000 dental practices and less than 50% answered the phone during clinic hours. Today's patient wants to book out of office hours.

Provide consistently high levels of customer service

By freeing up your reception to focus on patients in the practice

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