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What To Expect From a Routine Dentist Appointment

What to expect during a dentist appointment will vary depending on the type of treatment you require. But for a routine checkup, the procedure is  straightforward and nothing to worry about. The point of the checkup is simply to carry out an assessment of your oral health. With an NHS dentist you can expect to pay £18 for the examination.

Your dentist will conduct a full examination of your mouth, looking at your teeth and gums to gain an overall understanding of your oral health. In addition to the physical examination, your dentist is likely to ask you a number of questions about your health and dental habits. This will cover any problems you’ve noticed with your teeth, but will also include more general health questions, such as your diet, whether or not you smoke and how much alcohol you drink on a regular basis.

Lifestyle risks will be explained to you and if anything is deemed to have a particularly detrimental impact on your oral health, advice on how to change your habits will be given. Other than that, the main point of making a dentist appointment for a checkup is to catch any problems early and to allow your dentist to offer you the broadest options for treatment – before it becomes too late or expensive to treat.

If you haven’t had a checkup in over two years, it’s advisable to book a dentist’s appointment sooner rather than later. Once you have found a dentist that works for you, and established your basic oral health, you will find that the frequency with which checkups are required is individual. Your dentist may or may not advise that you return for another checkup in six months.

If you are new to a country or a city we highly recommend you find a dentist as soon as possible. Having established a relationship with a dental practice, and knowing what procedures are available in your new location, can be a great help should you find yourself in need of emergency treatment. Many of Toothpick’s users are seen within a couple of days, or even hours, having booked an appointment online.