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Top 10 Toothpick Uses That Will Make Your Life Easier

From keeping pots from boiling and fixing a leaky garden hose, to cooking potatoes faster, a toothpick can be used in so many different ways you wouldn’t even think of. My grandmother sticks a toothpick into cakes during baking and if it comes out clean the cake is done. While others build toothpick structures such as this one and the one that made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Normally used for picking at your teeth after a meal, which nowadays dentists wouldn’t recommend, a small pointy wooden stick can do many other things I was surprised to find out about.

1. Keep pots from boiling over

We’ve all done it – turn the burner on, walk away, and before you know it, water is boiling over. Stick a toothpick between the lid and the pot as this little gap will allow the steam to escape and will protect the stovetop.

2. Light candles easier

Prevent burning your fingers trying to light a hard to reach candle’s wick. Simply light a toothpick and use it to reach a burned down wick. Toothpicks burn slower and longer than matches.

3. Mark the start of a tape roll

How frustrating and time consuming could finding the beginning of a tape roll be?! Next time you use tape, wrap the end around a toothpick when you’re done.

4. Fix a leaky garden hose

No need to buy a new garden hose if it springs a leak. Find the hole and inserts toothpick, the water will make the wood swell and provide a good temporary plug.

5. Clean 

  • phone: clear out the dirt and grime from receiver holes using a toothpick;
  • keyboard: likewise, keyboards have lots of tight, small spaces that are difficult to clean with anything larger than a toothpick;
  • shower head: let it soak in vinegar overnight, then clean any leftover debris to help water flow freely again;
  • brush: a toothpick can help remove hair or fur stuck in the vents and crevices of your or your pet’s brush.

6. Plant an avocado

Best way to plant an avocado is not in soil but rather wash the seed, push three toothpicks into it and then suspend the seed on a glass with water covering the bottom inch of the wide end. Place on a spot with direct sunlight and keep it watered. Once the roots and stem start growing, plant the bottom part of the seed in rich soil.

7. Cook potatoes faster

Give your potato toothpick legs, which will suspend it and allow it to cook from all sides simultaneously. The potato will cook more quickly and evenly since all sides are exposed.

 8. Fill small holes

Don’t panic if you accidentally drove a nail into the wrong spot. Dip the tip of a toothpick into glue, push it in the hold and break off the end. Then sand the flush, add paint or stain if needed and you will never notice the repair.

9. Party food 

Use different colour or labeled toothpicks to mark foods with different ingredients or cooked to different levels at your party. For instance, you can stick a red toothpick in gluten free rolls to distinguish from wheat ones, or separate rare, medium and well-done meat with different labeled toothpicks.

Speaking of parties, keep sandwiches and burgers from falling apart held together with toothpicks. You can make messy appetizers and desserts easier to handle with toothpicks. Also use toothpicks to hold together stacks of vegetables and cheese for quickly melting the cheese on the grill. It’s best to soak the toothpicks in water before putting them on the grill.

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