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Toothpick Expands to the US – And Announces UK Discount Plan

Dear Friends, Today is an exciting day for Toothpick. It’s the day we officially announce a new major international partnership that will delight users and dentists alike, and also tell you about our upcoming launch of Toothpick US. It’s been in the works for a long time and we’re finally able to break the news…. Read More

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Sugar – the silent killer

What sugar does to our teeth? Not only is the rising sugar which has crept into our diets got us fatter and craving for the next hit, it’s killing our teeth. Around half of 8 year olds have dental decay and that means likely decay in their adult teeth. Around 500 kids a week in… Read More

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Dental Checkup – What Does the Dentist Look For?

A dental checkup or examination appointment is a very important opportunity for a dentist to identify any early signs of dental problems, which usually takes less than 30 minutes for routine check ups and around 45 minutes to 1 hour for new patients. This is because most dental problems when found early can be treated… Read More

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Dental Emergency – Our How To Guide

Many of us from time to time find ourselves with an emergency dental condition, often resulting in toothache. Whether this is the result of neglecting to go to the dentist, or having an accident like breaking your tooth, you often need to find a dentist at short notice – whether you opt for a 24… Read More

Health in the UK NHS Dentistry Looks Grim
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NHS Dentistry Looks Grim Up North [Debate Piece]

The background Over half of the NHS dental practices in the North of England, chosen to take part in a new contract aimed at increasing access to NHS dental services and focusing on disease prevention, are currently not accepting new patients. Despite over 3 years of testing by the Department of Health, it is unable… Read More

Know how Paying for private dental care

Paying for Private Dental Care – Your Options Explained

Private dental care carries with it a stigma that it is expensive and only available to the well off. In this piece we want to explore how private dentistry has recently grown as more and more people realise the potential of what modern dental treatment can offer. The private dental market in the UK is… Read More

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Healthy Access – Our Open Data Project, Goes Live!

Today we launch Healthy Access, our collaboration with Digital Catapult, Patient.co.uk, Mastodon C, Noetika and many more. Together we have created a score for access to health in over 300 locations in England.  Why Healthy Access? Healthy Access provides a gauge on the relative ease of living a healthy life in different parts of England…. Read More

Health in the UK Toothpick.com | Blog
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5 Myths About Dentists Uncovered

Several myths about dentists are persistent in the minds of the British public. A lot of question marks remain around NHS dental pricing, the differences between NHS and private dentistry, and whether, or how, you can move around once you have seen a dentist in your area. In this article we try to dispel some… Read More

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Updates to our Privacy Policy

We have made a couple of changes to our Privacy Policy (we know – yawn right? Well, we have to let you know). To see the updated version in full please visit the Legal page on our website or click on the link below: https://www.toothpick.com/legal /The Toothpick Team