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Anti-Ageing Treatments – The Role of Dentistry

Appearance concerns may seem shallow and vain but when it comes to dentistry and the teeth, anti-aging steps can really make quite a difference. If you have been following a good oral hygiene regime all your life then there is a good chance that your teeth and gums are in pretty good shape.

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Could Your Sensitive Teeth Be Trying To Tell You Something?

Many people suffer from toothache caused by sensitivity, but for many this could be a warning sign of something more serious. If you experience sharp and sudden pain when eating certain foods or exposing your teeth to extreme changes in temperature then you almost certainly have a sensitivity problem.  This pain is caused when the… Read More

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Survey Shows Millions Do Not Brush Their Teeth

Dentists are alarmed after a survey revealed that millions of British people do not brush their teeth the recommended twice a day. The British Dental Health Foundation completed the survey as part of their annual National Smile Month campaign, which revealed that as many as 7 million Brits do not brush their teeth twice a… Read More

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