How Oral Health and General Health Are Closely Related [Infographic]

We have a guest infographic today on a topic we’ve mentioned several times in previous articles – how closely your oral health is interlinked with your general health. This infographic from Dervla Leavy Dental Care aims to increase awareness on the causes and effects of poor oral health and provides guidelines as to how to decrease the burden of oral diseases. Severe gum disease is found in a large percentage of adults, and an even higher percentage of school children have cavities. While we may not be so concerned about the look of our teeth, we should definitely be concerned about the impact a long term infection or inflammation in your mouth can have on the rest of your body.

Please note this post is for illustration of general concepts only, Toothpick accepts no responsibility for the detailed accuracy of third party content.

How Oral Health and General Health Are Closely Related

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    It is very nice infographic representation about dental health and general health. So many people don’t know about general health reflected by oral health and very useful to all.

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  • Dave Michaels

    I was a bit surprised to find that almost 100% of adults have tooth decay! I thought it was high, but not that high! I think it depends on where you live and how well you take care of your teeth. This is also worth checking out….

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    This is a great post! Adults are not very aware of how oral health affects the entire body. Keep posting about these underrepresented stats!

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