A glimpse into the future: 3D printed dental braces

Think dental braces and cutting-edge technology are poles apart? Well think again. This year’s CES 2014, one of the largest gadget trade shows in the world, has announced the launch of 3D printed dental braces.

Held last week in Las Vegas, the show focused on the idea of 3D printing technology being used for objects such as braces, jewellery and even wedding cakes. 3D technologies, especially 3D printing, are predicted to be huge trends in 2014, technology experts predicted at the show, and the sci-fi sounding idea is now ever closer to becoming a day-to-day reality.

3D printing allows the efficiencies of digital design to be carried through to the production stage. By linking oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental braces and other items such as crowns and bridges can be built accurately and rapidly.

Gone are the days of slow, manual modelling which leaves room for error, as a new era of carrying out the entire process from scheduling to finished restoration digitally is being ushered in. Dental patients will also be keen on the new technology, as it will do away with the need to create physical impressions of a patient’s mouth prior to creating a brace or other appliance to fit them. Instead, it will all be done digitally, allowing for a far quicker – and less intrusive – service.

Original sources: http://www.sunherald.com/2014/01/12/5252553/3-d-technology-wearable-computing.html