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Are Dentists greedy? Response to Daily Mail article 17th June

Yesterday, consumer watchdog Which released the findings from a new study, indicating the failings of the current NHS dental system. Although it points out the responsibilities of dentists to keep their online and offline information about prices and availability up to date, it also highlights the systemic failings of the NHS dental contract. Dentists are… Read More


‘Walk-in’ dentists – busting the myth about registering with a dentist

We’re getting a lot of questions about ‘walk-in’ dentists, from users wanting a one off treatment, whether or not they have a regular dentist. Toothpick co-founder and dentist in residence Sandeep explains why this is false term and why the misconception that you have to be registered, which is affecting patient outcomes, namely long waiting… Read More


NHS Dentistry Looks Grim Up North [Debate Piece]

The background Over half of the NHS dental practices in the North of England, chosen to take part in a new contract aimed at increasing access to NHS dental services and focusing on disease prevention, are currently not accepting new patients. Despite over 3 years of testing by the Department of Health, it is unable… Read More


Why do we pay for NHS dental care, when we don’t pay to see an NHS GP?

Many people ask us questions about the NHS dental care system. Why do we pay? How much should we pay? And how do we find NHS dentists, there seems to be so few? Many of these questions can be answered by explaining how the NHS dental system works.¬†Toothpick co-founder and dentist in residence, Sandeep, tries… Read More


5 Myths About Dentists Uncovered

Several myths about dentists are persistent in the minds of the British public. A lot of question marks remain around NHS dental pricing, the differences between NHS and private dentistry, and whether, or how, you can move around once you have seen a dentist in your area. In this article we try to dispel some… Read More