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Anti-Ageing Treatments – The Role of Dentistry

Appearance concerns may seem shallow and vain but when it comes to dentistry, anti-ageing steps can really make quite a difference.

If you have been following a good oral hygiene regime all your life then there is a good chance that your teeth and gums are in pretty good shape. However, if you are starting to notice conditions such as bleeding gums, sensitivity when eating or drinking or any other problem with your teeth and gums, it could be time to visit the dentist for some good preventative and treatment advice.  As we age, the enamel of the teeth ages with us and can start to become weaker and more prone to problems.  Whilst we cannot stop the ageing process we can do things that can slow the ageing process down.

Following a healthy diet, brushing and flossing at least twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly can make such a difference to the way teeth age.  It is no longer inevitable that you will need to wear false teeth when you get past a certain age!

Other aging problems include discolouration of the teeth and this can be a tricky one to fix on your own.  Once teeth become stained, it can be hard to shift this discolouration with over the counter products.  The good news is that many dentists offer teeth whitening treatments for this very problem. A few treatments may be all it takes to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness and give you a smile to be proud of no matter what your age.

Teeth whitening procedures are painless and can be very effective.  If you are noticing that your teeth are not as white as they once were it is well worth a trip to your dentist to find out more about the procedure and what is involved.  More and more people are visiting their dentist to find out more about teeth whitening.

Many people also choose to have veneers fitted if their natural teeth are misaligned or causing other problems.  The price of veneers is starting to come down as the treatment becomes more and more popular. Ask your dentist for advice on this treatment.