Fun & Games 7 Crazy Kissing World Records

7 Crazy Kissing World Records

Who doesn’t like kissing? Most people enjoy a good kiss (assuming your partner has fresh breath), but some people have gone above and beyond with their kissing — either for the joy of holding a world record or to raise money for great charitable causes. Here are a few of the strangest kissing world records we could find. 

1. Longest Kiss 

Think you and your partner can go the distance? Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat locked lips for a whopping 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds on February 12-14, 2013. The couple joined eight other couples at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not event in Pattaya, Thailand. The couple actually broke their own previous world record for longest kiss. For their efforts, they took cash prizes, two diamond rings, and now hold a Guinness Book of World Records title. 

2. Most Consecutive Eskimo Kisses 

Eskimo kisses, the sweet nose rub said to have originated with Eskimos who could not lock lips in the traditional way because their lips would freeze together, were also the topic of a kissing contest. Bethany and her partner gave each other 50 Eskimo kisses in a row to take the world record. One swipe of the nose, left to right, was counted as a single Eskimo kiss.

3. Most Cheek Kisses in 15 Seconds 

How many times do you think you could peck your loved one on the cheek in 15 seconds? Dani Martinez of Otra Movida Records pecked Anna Simon 55 times in 15 seconds during the last “I Love Jimmy Fallon” segment of the television show Otra Movida.

4. Most Kisses in 10 Seconds 

Ten seconds isn’t very much time, but Anthony Rake managed to plant 51 kisses on Florence Boog in that length of time. He accomplished this feat at the Metropolis Fremantle nightclub during an event called the World’s Largest Pajama Party held in Perth, Australia.

5. Most Kisses Under the Mistletoe in 1 Minute 

Ah, the mistletoe. Perhaps the most romantic plant in the world. Bill Biwer was showered with an astounding 95 kisses in one minute under the mistletoe as part of a charity event. He achieved this feat by having two girls (one girl attending to each cheek) kissing him at a time.

6. Most People Kissed in 10 Seconds 

Do you think you “get around”? Likely, you have nothing on Elizabeth Humber, who kissed an amazing 21 people in just 10 seconds on July 18, 2009. The feat was accomplished at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

7. Most Dogs Kissed in 1 Hour 

Billy Disney wasn’t interested in smooching gals, or even guys. He went for the pups, kissing six dogs for the Record, Set, Go web series. Rules dictated that Billy had to kiss the dogs on the face, and could only kiss each dog one time.

Think you can break one of these world records? Get some practise, choose a partner (or partners) you really, truly like, and of course, make sure everyone’s got clean teeth before the big event. Here’s some kissing trivia for inspiration – make it a big night folks!